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Keeghan McCormack


released August 13, 2013



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DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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Track Name: Moon
5:00, driving down the interstate at 65
77 never looked so damn alive
Some asphalt and direction is the message that I get
It always leads me home and all I have to do is sit

And of course I turn the wheel from time to time
Carefully cruising the curves, carefully choosing my words
It always felt like the right thing to do
'til I look outside my window, see that light shining through

I'm not sure what it is but when the sun sets
My mind it wanders in circles
Maybe it's from all the herbals
Or possibly it's something else entirely
Something that entices me
Something that's inviting me

You're trying to see the world in a new light?
I'm trying to drown the world in this moonlight
So grab your candlesticks if you think you can handle it
Wink wink, I'm dimming, if we sink, I'm swimming

If she think I'm winning then I'm calling it a day
I see and hear a lot of evil but I'm speaking Chardonnay
I'm a lover and a brother to many you'll safely say
But you'd be very wise to move if you step in my fucking way

Hey, you, over there with the face and the attitude
I suggest you go and find another latitude
You fucking up the night and now the whole town's mad at you
Because all you wanted to do was speak up

After four fucking years of just keeping to yourself
Trying to be something else, keep your feelings on the shelf
Damn, I ain't about that life anymore
Dan, that's my name but it ain't right anymore

I ain't wifing a whore, shit, I want to marry happily
Hopefully without a crazy spouse that's attacking me
But I know I shouldn't think so far ahead
Cuz when the light dims down we'll be waking up dead

9:00, my clock's telling me it's time to scoot
Back to the back of the parking lot with green loot
Maybe all this blue dream smoking give me bluetooth
Sipping on a Yoohoo but they can see right through you

Like, "look at that view, doo," screwing with your entourage
I'm cursing them with voodoo, emerging like a butterfly that
Raps in the Cocoon, too. Fuck all the smokers on the bridge
That gave me weird looks, now I'm writing weird hooks

Now they bowing down, look who's frowning now
They wouldn't quit clowning around, now I'm wearing crowns
Like the KOT, these Cheats bringing me down
I need some fucking positivity, I'm fucking for virginity

Cuz we all know there's nothing like the first time
Thirsty got me pussy like it wasn't just my first try
Dirty little minds purchasing some future blunts for
Thirty little dimes, we do it all the time

I'm not worthless, shit, I'm worth a million words
Call that picture perfect or call that shit absurd
I'm looking through your purses but I'll leave that shit untouched
Cuz your money I deserve it, one day you will give it up

One day I will live it up, raise me from the dead
Pull me from the clutches of the Earth by my head
Shower me with lead, bullets hit the ground with
Velocity of jets, now the Devil's making bets

I'm a sap for summer love even though I've never had it
FIt like a rubber glove cuz you're my all time favorite habit
God dammit, I'm drowning in your essence
Stupid adolescence, always second guessing myself

And taking one step back, two steps forward
And a three-step dance, four lame girls
No, five bougie bitches, six figure income
Gets seven fucking digits
Eight phone call misses?
Track Name: Trouble (ft. jay)
Wake up in the morning and I thank the day
Think I'll smoke some dank today, then I'll make my way down to the bank today
Dr. W's got an order for a quarter
Yeah, he's filling my prescription at the risk of conviction

But I'm not one for superstition, I'm a sucker for coincidence
Suffering succotash suffocating on ignorance
Defecating belligerence, an ape in his jungle
Listening to Lil' Boosie and Madonna on shuffle

And my Middle name is "Trouble" call me DTD
Those my initials if you catch me blowing THC
And the police hate me, I'm never fucking with the bacon
But for somebody that gives a shit, they've got me mistaking

All this shit I'm undertaking got my conscious working 'round the clock
Bound to pop, you found a glock, it's jamming when you pound a cop
Honestly officer, I'm just puffing on a ciggy, sipping sizzy
Living silly, you'll just have to come a kill me

I went to school high and walked to second period
Pissed a little puddle in my pants, ain't nothing serious
I'm too delirious, doped out for days
I'm in a daze, all my brain cells dying out like the plague

We will never be the same, oh how the tables have turned
Fuck your turntable, leaving all your records to burn
Meeting fucking adjourned, class dismissed, go to Carowinds
And while the little kiddies playing, I'mma shoot some heroin

Claiming you a pharaoh when you starting to hallucinate
Demin god fucking thick titties, make the them boobies ache
Pussy I excruciate, stinging like a toothy ache
Shit so sore she scheduled for the dentist on a Tuesyday

I grind harder than a middle school dance off
Hosted by a pro skater riding with his pants off
You fancy this? We ain't sitting, it's a stand off
Got a dick that's big enough to get all of Gdansk off

Trouble on my mind, got me writing down my thoughts
Always pondering about a god and UFOs I saw
Shit is on my mind all the fucking time, Galactographs, drugs in my spine
Happiness is what I find so I find a dime and light a bone

So stoned, reaching heights that you motherfuckers have never known
Chucktown swag, now you know, got a flow so cold shit got you froze
Living up in the clouds while you down in society
Drowning in the system, get so mad but it's hard to breathe

Running up a summit just to jump up off the fucking peak
Thinking all these crazy dreams will turn into reality
Casually been through hell, went to jail for a friend
Said that he would pay it back, never seen a fucking cent

Fuck the balance of existence, persistence to outer limits
This shit I spit is so different, just listen in for a minute
At least until I am finished, fuck religion I'm ditching the system
My tongue is my gun, I've been itching to pull on the trigger

Creative nature like Edison, marijuana intelligence
All you Dumbo's are elephants while I'm flyer than pelicans
Urban verses so venomous, but my venom is medicine
Medicating these sentences, laceless print with my excellence

Evidence of my penmanship,
Still a kid but I been the shit, young as fuck but a gentleman,
Told I'm wise with advice like I live this life twice,
I keep on fucking up this mic, but you know the kid is nice

Got a hyperactive telepathic brain inside my head
So productive but destructive, hope the structure doesn't bend
Damn my thoughts are getting heavy, situations keep on feeling deadly
Dealing with these people, are they good or are they evil?

Saying "fuck it" as I roll on up, stunting like an evil son
Puff a blunt that's full of luck, that clover bitch I never trust
I just bust out this nut, so you know I'm out of fucks
Watch me uppercut a motherfucking duck

This is only the beginning, fuck an aftermath
Juvenile delinquents is what I'm laughing at
Slyer than an alley cat, flying in a 747
That's the closest I will ever get to heaven

I'm the ghost in your head when you close your eyes
AIn't no denying it, ain't no disguising it
Perpetrating purgatory, permanently hurting
Like a servant to a god that was never even worth it
Track Name: Ragenomics (ft. Professor T)

They say we need to turn it down
I blow the loud in their faces like I'm fucking proud
And we don't fuck around, think I'll blow a fucking pound
Stacking dollars to the ceiling from the fucking ground (x2)

Pick up the weapon and aim it at pedestrians
Bang bang, you shot me down like Nancy Sinatra said it
Represented by dead presidents, puffing on herbal sedatives
We terrorize the residence, to hell with your benevolence

All these muthafuckas coming up to me
Like they got shit to say
All these brother fucking pastors wanna preach to me
Fuck that, no way

I just wanna get paid, I don't wanna delay
You just wanna be brave, scaring you away
Welcome to the TL muthafucka
Cuz you didn't know I smoke tree well muthafucka

And they didn't know I blow heat well, muthafuckas
Spit fire, ash my rello, brash young fellow
Tryna get a smash, crash my Camaro
My eyes narrow, brain dead scarecrow

Where'd my friend go? Up to the shipyards
Think about that every time I get pissed off
Team Lift off sitting all criss-crossed
Rapping demi god, acrobat when I flips off

I'm your worst nightmare, I swear
Look at me wrong and you'll be right there, quite scared
White square with the microphone and the nice hair
Don't fuck with none of you bitches, you ain't breathing none of my air


(Professor T)
Stole that green from the Easter egg basket
Send these beats straight home in a casket
Homie you don't know me, got a question, better ask it
You're old news like last week's last dick, maverick

Average would be generous
Rad rapping rascals but you know us as degenerates
Your girl a dyke but not the type I like, Ellen Degeneres
The winner is starving, carving words where his dinner's been

Like Ken, always come back with the Barbie
Thirty minutes later tell him run and grab Hardee's
If you got beef let me roast and get some Arby
Roll up faster than the cops to your party

Tardy back in high school
Damn, that's a high stool for
high fool rapping lyrics
Deeper than a dry pool

You might drool, go child, gun it
No joke, this track, I run it
Never wanna hear that I probably should've done it
Apex, latex, don't stop til the summit

Make check statements til the bank stocks plummit
Born to hoard mad whores and play keyboard
Nobody listens but I mentioned that it's me, Lord
He's bored, back to the paper knowing he's more


I guess I'll shoot my way out of depression
I'm aiming straight ahead, you better change up your direction
Better count a couple blessings, unless you out of breath
I'll put your ass to sleep cuz sleep the cousin of death

No this ain't a muthafucking test, just go ahead, ask the Professor
With lighters on his dresser, he'll put you on a stretcher, you betcha
Yo, the people evil, homie, pulling off these stunts
Like they Knievel, homie, it might be lethal, homie

This shit illegal, homie, but it feel like just deserts
When the long arm of the law swings at you raw that's showing how justice hurts
When nothing works I think about your petty excuses
The confetti and bruises, this a party you'll get used to this

I'm standing dead center of it all
I got plenty of these bars but I ain't receiving any calls
Tearing down the muthafucking walls with wrecking balls
And an iron fist, watch the way you crawl upon the floor like you desire this
Track Name: Flipside (ft. Sun Valley)
But I'll catch you on the flip side
Rolling through your city when we roaring like a riptide
And we just going for a quick ride
Zipping down the alley with my music and a fatty (x2)

I've been convicted for crimes against this business
I'm failing mom and litmus, and you sir are a witness
Come and cater to my sickness, I spit this for the lifted ones
Ya'll bitches all be itching for a lick from me, the gifted one

I figured by this time I'd end up dead or in prison
I'm alive and I'm living, surrounded by many women
Don't give a shit if I'm forgiven, the false prophet is on the rise
Your sun just started setting, better run before I blind your eyes

(Sun Valley)
DZ's been convicted but he still be pushing bitches
Listen up you little fucks, you swimming with the fishes
Wipe me down like dishes, I went to school high as fuck
I'm fly as fuck like a duck and I still be lighting up

Bitches put your lighters up I'm driving down the interstate
Eat you out for lunch like you be tied up on my dinner plate
It's Sun and mister DZ, our flow is still breezy
We making it look easy, we rolling up a bleezy


(Sun Valley)
Aye, it's time to fucking party party
At your local fucking Hardee's Hardee's, and we looking extra farty
With our little fanny packs, wish I had some nannies, tho
Wish I had some money tho, still need them honies tho

Running through the night cuz I'm feeling extra bright
Gonna kill a dear in my headlights
Gonna take you down to the lake all night
Then make sure you're treated all right

That's how I feel
You need to be on Dr. Phil
Or just take a ch-ch-chill pill
I'll push you down a fucking hill

Let's take this party to the local penitentiary
And bust up any muthafucka dumb enough to mention me
It's awful hard to understand the words that's coming out
Cuz you trying to talk shit when there's a dick in your mouth

Might as well be piss in your mouth
What the fuck you bitching about?
I'll beat ya with a Brita filter
After rinsing it out

I claim to have a greater mind
Because I took the time to grow it
But I'm really so neglectful
That I didn't even know it

Track Name: Sputterfly (ft. Professor T)
(Professor T)
Oh, so Professor T is back, not only feature
This the congregation station, know me, I'm the preacher
Sit out in the bleachers, the power from your speakers
Disappears like government whistle blowing leakers

Without reason, treason, it's a felony
Only evidence, his defense, was he smelling me
Quickly after jailing me, this is what you're telling me?
I am not the criminal, my government is selling me

If we keeping score, they fouling
I'm colder than the shoulder from Garnett to Ray Allen
Stay piling up cash cuz the stash makes smiling
Easy on the back of a boat, I'm Lake Wyling

Beat you like the way you wore swag out
Still talking trash? I guess it's time to take the bag out
Listen to this fag pout, spewing like a bad spout
Gave up on his dreams, always knew that I was passed out

It's a raging bull and a matador
Tammy and Tina are growing up like the Matterhorn
And the latter whore never even mattered
Not until she got splattered by the batter up back before

But that's just him doing what he do
Young stunna coming through
Keep it 122, and the thunder coming too
Like boom little bitch, I don't thik I was ever talking to you little bitch

Let you sink in the muthafucking lagoon little bitch
Too soon, you're blowing on my wood like a bassoon
And I always appreciated you playing me a tune
Just waiting for the day that I pop like a balloon

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
You better believe you'll get cut
You can rest assured knowing that there ain't no fucking cure
The sickness is spreading around for sure, what I heard

(Professor T)
What up what up, round two, found you
Bound to the sound you exclaimed that you made, true
Yes, me and my friends are quite articulate
Never drop the mic til we know that our dick is wet

Sick as vets filled with bitches
The stitches cover the spot where your balls should've been in your britches
Wicked as wands and witches
Sell off your soul, your only goal for this world and riches

Just to find it wasn't what you thought it was
That's because the happiness you have, you only bought it cuz
New girl, fuck the one you had last week
Doper than the dime sack you found in your back seat

Lyrics lapping losers like a track meet
But somebody get this white boy off this black beat
No, I don't fit the status quo
So throw your verbs and your slurs right at us bro, go

Welcome to the land of music scene fossils
Where paper mill is sitting on your nostrils
Where the children pop pills for top thrills, walking down the block
Talking shit like they can't shut it off, cough cough

Bang bang, when I say that's how I'm tryna go out
Cuz a whimper ain't that life that I'm about, no doubt
We get twisted and shout, ya'll get bitch-slapped around
Just a matter of time til you hear that sweet sound

Of the siren so loud, yeah it's coming to your area
Killing you inside like malaria, so you better move
Cuz there ain't no precious time to lose
And while you're at it grab the muthafucking juice or the muthafucking booze

Baby girl, it's whatever you wanna call it
But tonight I think I'll be an alcoholic
The gin and the tonic, you can blame it on it
Or maybe it's the chronic that keeps me forgetting phonics ironic

(Professor T)
Now don't you go no where, don't switch the channels
I change it up like middle school fags change flannels
So break it down like diet cola eats at your enamel
Words spitting teeth gritting teen smoking camels, he's an animal

Hell-bent on prying the cages
I don't give a shit what you think the rage is
From novels to sages I fly off the pages
Stay doing work, we don't know what the wage is

Yeah, we don't know what the wage is
Trimming off my pubes cuz your bitch got braces
I'm tying my laces, running round in circles
Then I trip on pavements, ain't that some lame shit?

Different day, same shit, cruising Formentera with a scooter and some dank shit
Smuggle through the airport then I smoke it on the plane bitch
Mile high club, call it fucking up
With a bottle and my main bitch
Track Name: Bushwa
Damn bruh, your confidence, it needs a booster seat
I'm the king of the roost with my rooster beak
Truthfully, I'm dealing with the scrutiny so beautifully
You're losing me, trapped in the cocoon so they boothing me

Never ever booing me, cuz homie I'm a shoe-in
They say, "DZ what you doing?" I say really, I'm just cruising
I'm winning and they losing, it's simple as that, dawg
Look at me, I'm a mega man like Capcom

Pause when I pose because I'm a ghost
I'm floating through the air like it's my marijuana smoke
I wearing shit from D.A.R.E., it's like I didn't wanna toke
And I'm tearing derrière up, wet like perrier yup

Said she wanna catch up so I fill her in
Wanna feel the whole nine yard, maybe ten
Then again, why I'm always aiming to offend?
Like them red dot sights that hit so precise

I leave you speechless like it's Charlie Chaplin
When you grab the mic the crowd is hardly clapping
____ your girl the clap then ask her why she yapping
Max attack raps like ratatat tat

I'm back matter of fact
I wack, and that's that
I'm slapping caps and stabbing
Tobacco trapped in the wraps

And I'm acting out, maxing out
Dammit, get these ratchets out
Why they so attracted?
Cuz I'm rapping and they gasping

Look at what they asking now
Shit, that's fucking out of bounds

I'm the fucking robber, give me all the loot
And the marijuana, bitch, I want that too
We them lifted muthafuckas, better let us through
Gold on the roof, we got gold on the roof

I'm cooking in my kitchen, you out there wishing
You could get inside the club while you watch me winning
Bish I'm balling in the paint and you ain't
So you better get your petty stacks away, what I say?
Track Name: Crooked (ft. jay & Professor T)
Tell me what you see when you look at me
Staring at me with them eyes so crookedly
And I know I ain't no Superman or Hercules
But i'm working on it, I'm rehearsing on it

Draw the curtains on it, time to set the stage
On to the next chapter, go ahead and flip the page
Go ahead and tell me expectations that were never made
I can take it

I'm blowing tree just to keep me in my right mind
Cuz my other left so I cannot find my elations
Originated from brothers descended from different mothers
Beaming wisdom through their bright eyes

And I'm always finding time to recite lines
These stupid kids finding time for their white lines
And their white lie, saying that they might die
So they living it up until the sun rise

Just another day in the life
Another chance to get it right, so go ahead and roll the dice
And I ain't 'bout that worry or strife
I got a present in my sight tonight, so goodnight

Everywhere I go I'm bringing trouble with me
Everybody gonna know I run this fucking city
Nobody's fucking with me or they be ducking quickly
I'll keep you posted every time I bring the ruckus with me (x2)

I think it's fucking strange looking at the world today
We know the money is evil but we keep getting paid
Watch the rich get richer while the poor die quicker
Fat people, they keep on eating, model bodies get thinner

So I'm conforming from normal cuz what I do is futuristic
Spitting these hieroglyphics, you've seen the scriptures I've written
All I see is mass confusion, we living inside illusions
Delusional humans finding lies instead of the truest

Consumed by the news always spooking its viewers
They amused and distracted by famous peoples actions
Materialistic bitches fall in the void of plastics
Power hungry mens stabbing backs for a fucking Benz

Fake ass bitches talking shit about they fucking friends
What the fuck, why? I ask myself all the time
Feels like I'm looking for the light in the darkest part of the night


(Professor T)
Maybe life's crazy boiled down to its essence
Kings with rings but can't afford to feed the peasants
Presents never really meant that much but
Probably because my parents never really spent that much

But lunch was always there so I ain't going no where
You only think your life sucks cuz all you do is compare
But I stare, yes I dare, chest filled with air
Head high, but I know I wasn't built to care

I avoid despair so spare the speech
I'm a professor so it really isn't normal that I preach
But bleach blond girls all over the beach
Are the reason why this dream stays within my reach

Crazy as CEOs who blow eight lines
Married to the truth, I rip the roots for the grapevine
So I shut up, cruising to the bass line
I finish in your face then I call that shit some FaceTime

Tell me, do you know how it feels to be left in the dark?
When you finish every sentence with a question mark?
And all these bitches bark 'round the clock non stop
Equipped with a cock in they mouth, a little rock in they snout

Like, what you talking about tossing my tassel?
This ripe red-eyed rapping rascal
King sniping from his castle
'Bout to stuff you in a satchel

The False Prophet homie, make some profit homie
What I'm buying off it homie. swear I'm tryna cough it homie
Shit I do, I'm strung out, invite a bitch
And tell her "get the fuck out," she bugging out

And we running out of time, the sun is headed south
Cuz at the end of the day a barrel's in your mouth
And you be shouting out, screaming for a savior
Watch your behavior, the pressure gonna break you down

Tell me what you gonna do now
Everybody's peacing out, they left you hanging around

Track Name: Stretch Reflect (ft. CBen)
When we hit that bowl, it's a game of risk
Other crews outdated like a floppy disk
Team Lift is ahead, so you better stay close
They want to be like us so they strike that pose

They want our clothes, girls want to be my hoes
If you get too close, break your goddamned nose
If you try to oppose my friends, you a foe
Your time is up and you're starting to decompose

Engrossed you are in Team Lift's shit
Everyone is wanting to be a part of it
We're going off the lines, we throw away the script
We will not apologize for what we transmit

I feel as if I'm kinda going trippy
I took too much hits in this fucking Queen City
Bitch I fuck so pretty, I slap around her titties
She's rubbing up on me like a couple ouse kitties

Team Lift attacks this town like Attila the Hun
We will not make a fucking sound, but we'll block out the sun
The escape from the holes you've been keeping us in
Kick the man in the face, break his goddamned chin

We;re kicking in his teeth, pissing in sheets
She's begging me please, kissing on my meat
Muthafucka take a seat, Team Lift is here
We'll knock you off your feet so you better stay clear

You got the moral intelligence of a vacuum cleaning up the back room
Cracking whips and cannabis, we kicking it like rack room
Passing spliffs and cancer sticks, that's the piff that had me lift
We ashing it and laughing it up

We coming through your town cuz we ain't had enough
Rolling down the window, proceeding to take a puff
Eat chilean bass on a boat wit uzis under my coat
Excuse me when I'm afloat

I'm feeling creepy cuz I'm smoking on the creeper shit
Light it up, blow it out, take a reefer hit
Don't let the people see this shit, spit this and you agree with it
Like common sense, so make a damn decision, why you on the fence?

Chronic in your chest, karma's waiting 'round the corner for ya
Might be a loner but I ain't Corbin Corona
I got something to show ya, clicking remote controller
Roller coaster in October putting DZ in coma

I'm burning down carcinogens, wait, a stick of cinnamon
DIgging up the riches, counting digits, it's offending 'em
Benjamins, we spending 'em, bitches, we be bending 'em
Never-ending synonyms, you listening to ten of 'em

Swinging like a pendulum, referendum telling 'em
Referee referring to the vote that you were sending him
Mask I know you mending 'em, I call that shit two-faced
Catch me popping molly while I'm sucking on some toothpaste
Track Name: Remedies
Who needs friends with thoughts like these?
Herbal remedies put my mind at ease
Bring me to my knees, I'm begging you pleas
Bring me to my knees, I'm begging you (x2)

Smoking alone in my bathroom has got me feeling mental
And this girl back at home got me all sentimental
Everybody asking, "where the hell has DZ went to?"
Did he disappear? Because we miss him here

She whispered in my ear through the other telephone
That everything will be fine if I just let it go
Then it hit me like, woah, what do you know?
Mary Jane my only friend and everybody else a foe

I think I'm losing all control like my controller's dying batteries
Charge me up, charge me up, brother, don't get mad at me
Cuz I wouldn't really call it satisfactory
Running back and forth to my Mazda with a bag of weed

In my pocket, at least I ain't obnoxious
Like the kids sitting on the smoker's bridge when I'm walking
And they be talking, straight staring me down
Like "who's this dizzy muthafucka wearing a frown?"


I don't fit in this school filled with outcasts
That's a life that brought me down, I ain't about that
Internal fights, I'm throwing punches in the ring
Like I'm walking in a circle desperate flapping of my wings

I'm an ugly duckling sucker punching at the ding
Lonely motherfucker shutting up and gulping Sunny D
What the fuck's in front of me? My future could be glorified
Or maybe I'll be horrified, horoscope demoralized

Wanna scream out "you're alive!" like Frankenstein's Monster
Like that body an impostor and that casket is no longer
You could've been a father, you fell and no one caught you
We still thinking 'bout you yelling "fuck holy water"

But honestly, I can feel your energy
Think about you every time when I'm in jeopardy
Cuz you a lot more than just a memory
You my brother, a story of the century

Sleep comes after death, my brother, cuz my work is never done
Reaching for a hand to hold, I'm stretching towards the setting sun
Slithering through Syracuse, you bickering at nothing
I'm picking up the pieces while you bitching and you cussing

You yelling out like you have a right to fucking contemplate
A last resort, damn your life's so hard and you can't concentrate
Think you know what pain is cuz your daddy and your mama split?
Think you know what brain is cuz your girlfriend didn't wanna spit?

Burn my marijuana shit, I'll keep it slow and steady
You'll try to bring me down but I be hopped up on them headies
You drinking every night and now you suffering the consequence
Never got invited, that shit sitting on my consciousness

I thought you were a friendly, now you just a nuisance
Walled up in this room with me, my labor here is fruitless
My cool, I ain't gonna lose it, I'm cruising to me music
I'm leaving you to rot away in a school, I didn't choose it
Track Name: Head High (ft. CBen & Professor T)
Hello, CBen getting on this beat
Open your ear and take a seat
Hear what we say but go deeper than that
Expand your mind, get off your ass

You may think I'm little crazy
But that's because I'm puffing on the daily, she's a lady
She makes me feel better so I share her with my boys
I'm better with her than I was with my toys

Yeah I'm psychotic, it could be a problem
I'm smoke that narcotic, that's how I solve them
Every time that thought jumps in my head
The one that says your friend is dead

Red is running through the streets
Every time you listen to Team Lift beats
Every time you smoke, every time you toke
Every time you all start to laugh and joke

Days are repeating in my mind
My only decisions are if I want peach or wine
Some tell me this is a crime
I don't really think that's where it falls in line

I'm a backpack tracker, blackjack racker
Flapjack, hacky sack, wacky bac packer
Brat with the swagger pulling out the dagger
Face in the dirt, yeah it ache when it hurt

I'll tie you down to a muthafucking lawn chair
Then I'll blow you up with a rocket launcher
Cuz I'm sucking all the bong air
Come on, honeys, let me pull up on that long hair

I got the mind of a maniac
Mr. President, where the first lady at?
She be running in my head, I'm stacking all this bread
So she giving me the braniac

I have those fucked up thoughts
But none worth nailing muthafuckas to a cross
Using all the blood for a little bit of sauce
And a side of Rick Ross then I floss

I'm a backpack tracker, blackjack racker
Flapjack, hacky sack, wacky bac packer
Brat with the swagger pulling out the dagger
Face in the dirt, yeah it ache when it hurt

(Professor T)
I'm fucking losing it
I'm fucking losing it
I'm fucking losing it
I'm fucking losing it

But never losing spit when asking who's the shit
Remind them who's in it, he brings the truth with wit
And the youth commit even though he's crazy
Makes weird music and a truant cuz he lazy

Like Patrick Schwayze
Hand full of women like I owned a Mercedes
Many many ladies line up when I play these
Fine fucking rhymes, watch as I slay three Doms

And the New York Times, be it yours or mine
Gone and lost my mind, found the dotted line
That I never really never really knew that I'd sign
Fun track jacked and in fact just designed

To do this me
Messed up in the head but the meds bring the peace
Thought that I was done for, this will never cease
But police pack me up in the back of am ambulance, jeez

I wheeze from the smoke in my lungs
Rapping real thought but to y'all it just sounds like tongues
Till my neck is wrung, sing the song unsung
Til I come undone, teach like Obi Wan

Oh you owe me so?
Oh I hope it's fun on the other side
Of the tracks he run
And it never really stops
And it never really stops
And it never really stops
And it never really stops

Make a little music and these muthafuckas love me
But a muthafucka won't be above me
All these ratches run around yelling "fuck me"
Don't get comfy, bitch, don't touch me

Fucking with me cuz I made a little money
Fucking with me cuz I got a little hungry
Actin' like we tight from the beginning
In reality I'm winning so you coming up grinning like

Damn, Danzig, you the man, Danzig
Cannot wait til we finish up the plan, Danzig
I'm a fan, so let me on your catamaran when you purchase one
We'll be friends to the end

Don't mean to offend, I cannot pretend
I'm flattered that you're telling me this shit again
But you didn't used to fuck with me, what is all this fuckery?
Make a little music everybody looking up to me

Now I'm pulling artillery
Leaning over like the left wing, Hilary
Tearing apart like a right wing shark
On the bright side I might light my spark

Cuz the night's too dark, the starlight shining
Sun goes down and the moon keeps rising
Biding time, yeah the Devil's look at me like
"That child is mine," this my final rhyme

I never really thought the it would end up like this
And I never really thought that I would end it like this
I'm sitting in a little bitty situation
Life's a bitch you hating and she ovulating

So you concentrating, yeah you gotta just wait
You gotta face the day cuz this a fucked up place
And if you ever fade away like the second to last song
On my new tape, know I'm fine to stay

And if you ever fade away like the second to last song
On my new tape, know I'm fine to stay and that's that
Track Name: Flight