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I made this entirely on my own in the time frame of nearly half a year. I used Ableton Live, a Blue microphone, and a MacBook Pro.


released December 1, 2012

I made the beats, wrote the raps, and paid the bills.



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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Track Name: Blue
I’m Danzig, Mr. Blue Hat
Screw this and screw that
Matter fact, you rather whack

Life in the fast lane
I don’t think so
We in Penelope
So we gon’ cruise slow

Slow, slow, slower than a snail
Chilling on the back of a race car tail
Pipe, yikes, that’s moving pretty fast
Speedy muthafucka that probably won’t last

Ten minutes?
I’ll give him twenty
Ten bitches?
I’ll give them plenty

Of this girth
That’s mightier than the Earth
Like Hurcules was here
Them perky bitches clear
If Uranus is straight, then Mercury’s a queer

We’re going to other planets
We take a seed and planet
The beanstalk has landed

Jack didn’t make it
he couldn’t fucking take it
The climbing ached his grip
So he had to fucking break it

Lesson learned, you can’t make it to the top
Elmer tried, but the wabbit continues to hop
So, if you’re trying to go out with a pop
History repeats itself, so you might as well stop

I like to keep things simple
Hello, yellow fellow Mellow Mushroom
And a grape rello

But my flame’s a little fickle
Spreading lead with my Rugrats
So I guess I Drew Pickles
I’m the Captain of this ship
You’re just a passenger
I’m grabbing life by the horns
You’re simply passing her

Is what she said when I asked her
I’m dead inside but a friendly ghost

I heard it on the radio
That bitch gave my best friend
A felatio
That’s good for him, I guess
She crazy, though
And I don’t put myself
In the presence of crazy hoes

Cuz I’m a liar
Twisted like barbed wire
I’m the kind of guy that wants
To set the world on fire

And watch it burn
Track Name: Frankly
I’m like an empty school
I got no "principles"
I’m like an empty jail
That once held criminals
Unpredictable visible individual
“I don’t believe in Danzig” was uttered
But I’m not fictional

I don’t believe in magic
Just the power that I hold
Everybody calls me Midas
Cuz everything I touch turns to gold
And catch the common cold
Yeah, I’m a lot to handle
I’m burning candles
From both ends of this fucking scandal
My life I do not gamble
Sit down and hear me ramble
You start talking shit
I’ll put your life in fucking shambles

Oh shit
Damsel in distress
Just give me one good reason
Some substantial evidence
Why your sorry ass opinion
Should matter to me
Oh please, stop flattering me
I don’t need your bullshit
Your bladder is weak
I’m fucking with this beat
While your pissing the sheets

Never mind, hold your breath
Don’t even fucking bother
Here to slaughter Harry Potter
Drowning him in holy water
Crocodile tears
Fake as those tattoos
Gratitude and capping screws
Latitudes of dapper dudes

Grapple fools, Batmobiles
Medical like chamomile
Meanwhile, I’m out here blowing up
Like a catherine wheel
How does this fire work?
Hung with a wire, jerk

I’m preaching Fallout
Like mother fucking mirelurk
Another perk of being me
This never-ending prophecy
Provides me with the memories
That life is quite a novelty

Come on, come on
Tell me how you feel
Your pedaling behind
Like a fucking third wheel

Oh shit
Damsel in distress
Just give me one good reason
Some substantial evidence
Why your sorry ass opinion
Should matter to me
Oh please, stop flattering me
I don’t need your bullshit
Your bladder is weak
I’m fucking with this beat
While your pissing the sheets
Track Name: Another Level
I’m fresh to death
You running out of air
Bitch, you better take a breath
Take a breather nonbeliever
Team Lift is a religion
And our God is reefer
Call that a higher power
You son of a retriever

Then go and slap the whore
That’s tapping at your door
My rapping left her sore
She;s vacuuming my floor
The stacks, I will get more
Attacking kids at Zoar
In fact, you’re done for

And you know you can’t ignore
This kid that just threatened you
All up in your face
But I’m so far ahead of you
My mind’s rapid pace
I know just who to tell it to
So by the end of this verse
You will know who to give credit to

And I’m on another lever

My life is like a camera
I live it frame by frame
If everything is changing
How can I remain the same?
Fucking lame, I can’t contain
The thoughts that clutter up my brain
Twist of Cain all through my veins
They called it self-inflicted pain

But, it ain’t about burning forests
It ain’t about hugging trees
It’s about what’s good for you
It’s about what’s right for me
Understand, you’re as close to hell
As you’ll ever be
This world is filled with devils
Or your money back, guaranteed
Sharing greed, cant spare a dime
It don’t matter how much it costed
Paid part-time partner in crime
Just to get my flakes frosted
But at this moment in time
I’m just fucking exhausted
And I’m only eighteen
Shit, I guess I fucking lost it

And I’m on another lever.
Track Name: Kerosene
No mommy, I don’t wanna go to school today
I’d much rather blow haze At the pool today
And kick back and suntan while I’m at it
There’s a jay in my left hand
In the other a semi-automatic

Rifle, gun
This is my idea of fun
Fucking shit up for the hell of it
While Rhianna sings umbrella shit

And I’m flipping over tables
Fuck you, this is Cain
Versus twenty seven Abels but
The Bible’s just a book of fucking fables
So I don’t swing crosses and
I don’t spin dreidels

I keep it banging like
Horny bitches in heat
At a singles meet-n-greet
With a fucking fetish for feet

So, I’m a muthafucking winner
Eating little kids for
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
So you know that I ain’t getting no thinner
But my dick is getting thicker when I’m in her

You know this life is killing me
Haters not feeling me
Like milk, they be spilling me
They billing me

Slow like molasses
A couple dumb asses
Met the blades of my axes
It’s drastic
But fucking fantastic
When I dance around a spastic
Mr. Bombastic that’s plastic

Tilted on an axis
The number one rule about
Making tall stacks is magic
But you don’t fucking have it
It’s tragic
So you best go hide
In the attic

You’re done
We’re over with the fun
I’m lunch
You’re just a fucking snack, bitch

I was in the mountains
Counting all my ounces
Cougars are attracted
So they will be pouncing

Smoking on some loud shit
Bet you is a proud bitch
Got a snout sniffing snitches
Sitting on the couch, ouch

Bitch, there’s no need to get physical
You’re fucking cynical
I’m sitting on the pinnacle
A miracle, miraculous
My shit is fabulous
And Blasphemous
Too fast for the cops to be tracking us

I’m blowing green
While Nick is getting plastered
Doused in kerosene
So that shit can burn faster
After I blast her
I’m this bitch’s master
But I can’t let go
Cuz I’m too fucking attached to her

And that’s the goddamned truth
Track Name: Storm
There’s a storm a-brewing
Just listen to this spit I’m spewing
All this shit I’m doing
Gonna get on through it
And you knew it
I’m the new shit
Marines, proud and few shit
Your chance yeah you blew it
So you might as well screw it

I went to Hades
For the hell of it
Brought back some OG kush
For the smell of it
I’m relevant
It’s evident
My swag, yeah I’m selling it
The hate, I’m repelling it
Cuz it’s fruity like some melon shit

Yelling shit
Into abyss
You cannot handle this
You are always behind me
So it’s my behind you can kiss
Something you cannot miss
Leaky pipe spreading piss
Sockem Bopper covered fist
And on and on goes the list

This life is a game
And I’m breaking all the rules
Fortune and fame
So I ain’t messing with you fools
Little shed of tools
Bring you bitches back to school
Swan diving into pools
But swan songs are pretty cool

Maybe yours will play next
We can get it FedExed
Overnight delivery
It ain’t very complex
On a flight from Italy
While munching on some Tex Mex
Heating up some new glass
But it ain’t pyrex

Fuck y’all
Overall, I’m the tallest of the tall
And I’m wearing overalls
While knocking down the school walls
And I am not answering calls
From this bitch who barely knows me
Don’t get cosy
You oppose me
Then you best go ahed and mosey

The main difference between me and the rest
Is that I’m the best
No jest
It’s something that I must confess
You a mess
You getting less
I’m taking more
I am success
Reaching up Mother Nature’s dress
Cuz Father Time is dead, I guess

Strapping bombs to my chest
Sucking on a tube of Crest
This my house, you’re my guest
I’m rat poison, you’re a pest
Making noise and adding zest
Burning up the birdie’s nest
Tweeting cardiac arrest
Cuz I can’t digest the chicken breast

North, south, east, west
Danzig here is on a quest
To cater to his own request
Because you leave me unimpressed
I’m possessed, self professed
Leaving problems unaddressed
Taking cold showers
In a fucking sweater vest
Track Name: Black
I’m a man then a monster

A teenage impostor
What’s it gonna cost you?

A couple two cents
Go ‘head and pay the rent
I can’t listen to you, son
I gave up listening for lent

This is entertainment
A pop culture reference
I’m the fucking essence
So here’s a damn lesson
A criminal confessing
Is guilty and I’m guessing
That when he’s put to testing
He’ll be counting all his blessings

Heavy is my mind
When I’m feeling light headed
And my Mazda left marks on your face
You have been treaded
I’m sorry my aggression
Is the source of your depression
Wait, no I’m not
This is my God damned profession

No more questions
We’re all out of time
And there’s a fine ass line
Between reason and rhyme
And if this needle here is pine
Then stick it in my vein gently
So I can spread my conifers
And ride off in my Bentley

I’m feeling tipsy
From drinking Listerine
And these 40 ounce chasers
Of my favorite Mr. Clean
I’m gonna make a scene
Lights, camera, action
The waves are crashing down
You better listen to the Captain

Dirty landlubbers be
Talking shit constantly
I’m chopping nonbelievers heads off
Like Constantine
Of course they will follow me
Definite, not probably
I’m flinging applesauce at
All these mother fucking wannabes

Navigate my mind
Write out a report
Do your fucking research
Make it twenty pages short
Give me some support
I’m a column leaning over
The Parthenon is falling
And we’re all out of clover

All out of luck
Well isn’t that unfortunate
A series of events
That’s got me running round torching shit
They say I’m an ass cuz
Everybody’s pinning him
Well “bitch” is the word of the day
and you’re a synonym.

It’s all fun and games
Til someone gets hurt
Blood-stained blue hat
And a button-down shirt
I call it trench warfare
Find a good position
Cuz I’m spitting all this fire
Without mom’s permission

I’m absent cuz I’m fishing
For all the right words
Once I reel em’ in
I’m off to split these atoms into thirds
Showing off my two birds
One stone’s not enough
To kill all the success
That I’m taking from Shia Leboeuf

I’m told life is tough
And then you fucking die
That’s a lie, I’m immortal
You can see it in my eye
I made a girl cry
When I went on LiveJasmin
I recited all these lyrics
She simply could not imagine

What the hell happened
But can you really blame her?
What can I say?

I’m a fucking entertainer
You give me a chance
And I’ll show you where my spirit is
You’re busy pitching tents
While I’m pitching a fucking pyramid

This tree is growing figments
I got you changing pigments
I’m a tumor that’s malignant
I’m growing on you slowly
Bitch, you don’t know me
I’ve got more meat
Than Oscar Meyer’s got bologna

Cheese like macaroni
Trust me, I’mma have it
Cuz I’m difficult to stop
Like your favorite bad habit
This Member’s Only Jacket
I’m wearing on the Sabbath
To show all you bitches
You can’t put me in a casket
Track Name: Rumpus
If every girl in the world
Tried to get to know me
Every girl in the world
Would try to fucking blow me

Pull down my pants
And show me
Break down my Vans
And tow me
You best get out of my way
Quit being nosy, homie

Leaning over like a
Smoking so much
Giving me pain in my diaphragm
Going HAM, yes ma’am
Getting Buzzed god damn
But I’m a hipster
So when I re-up
I get Insta-grams

I got the sixth sense like M. Night
Damn right
Gonna give this whole town quite a fright
Nighty night, pack it tight
Go ahead and pass the light
Danzig in your airwaves
Go ahead, take a flight

Never have I ever even
Thought my shit was clever
But if you tell me that I’m bad
I’ll make that head of yours severed

Move with every tremor
Spotted like a leopard
So you better run son
Cuz I can do this shit forever

Fucking terror’s what I am
Ten seconds on the clock
Armageddon, shell shock
And my weapon is a glock

Top notch, hop scotch
Cop a watch, kick a crotch
Cuz my dick is time bomb
Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
tick tick tick tick tick tick
Track Name: Talk
I’m DZ so you fuckers better pay attention
Up is my preferred direction
Giving y’all an ear infection
That’s the overall intention
I cannot provide affection
For these silly haters
That I wave to from the winner’s section

But maybe if they stopped and smelt the roses
I wouldn’t call them posers
Striking lame poses
Right under our noses
Ugh, man this shit stinks

Grab another round of drinks
I’m up to some high jinks
I think, wink wink
Missing link, right here
Not a blink, no fear
Sweater pink with big rear
That’s everything I need to hear
420’s getting near
High as fuck, hard to steer
It’s my favorite time of year

Shed a tear
For your loss
Going HAM with extra sauce
It’s not my fault I’m a boss
It’s your fault you can’t get across
Chris Rock sits criss cross
And gets glossed with applesauce
Getting washed, dental flossed
And keeps himself pish-posh

Team Lift, yeah we’re taking all your pennies
And we save them up for many
Then we take a trip to Dennie’s
And we’re only smoking headies
Cuz our whips are always ready
Gotta keep the boat steady
Money scam Ed, Edd, and Eddy
I’ve been told that I’m delicious
So I guess my shit is edible
Smoking all the medical
Makes me feel all hysterical
Bet you’re feeling terrible
Cuz all you do is fucking lose
Pay your dues
Blow your fuse
Missing cues
And getting bruised

Get a clue, Steve and Blue
This too much for you to chew
Animals belong in zoos
But Danzig’s with the kangaroos

Hopping ‘round the Mill Town
Telling y’all to pipe down
Break into the dog pound
Raise Baha Men from the ground

I’m a sight to see
You give me sore eyes
Four guys from Team Lift
Swiftly take the door prize

Real eyes do not peer
They realize the truth, dear
Moving forward’s all I know
Ain’t no way that I’m stopping here
Track Name: Keys
This is the sound of an active mind sleeping
Up top of a willow tree weeping
An escape of some kind is what I’m needing
Cuz lately all I wanna do is keep myself dreaming

Pleading my heart to stop kicking and screaming
Out through my mouth in spontaneous shouts
No doubt, fluctuations of my own resuscitation
My conscious feeling nauseous from this constant modulation

But I’m patient
And quiet
I cannot deny it
Tried to sell my soul
Not even He would buy it
Can’t say I didn’t try it
Gave it all my best
But I wasn’t all there
Gotta get it off my chest

Open text document
Staring at me blankly
Got work to do?
I don’t give a damn, frankly
Get a little angry
Little bit of confidence
I show up to perform
And they show me where my coffin is

Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
And I’m a salesman traveling from door to door
Trying to fight this war
Trying to make things work

Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
And I’m a salesman traveling from door to door
Trying to fight this war
Trying to make things work
Play the keys

This is the sound of teenage rage
Cut up into pieces pasted hasty on a page
Channelled through a sick mind
These thoughts are a virus
Passed through word of mouth
Better check up on your sinus

Full of Powder syllables
High on making miracles
That shit feeling good
Yeah, connected to my physical
Learning bout my inner self
Got me feeling right
One with the universe
A star shining bright

Addicted to piano
This keyboard is a gun
And my fingers are the ammo
Following my shadow
Where will it take me?
Another place, hopefully
Another level, maybe

A planet far from here
That would be ideal
Where I can lay down
Stare out, and disappear
Into infinite space
A distant place
Far away from any sign
Of the human race

Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
And I’m a salesman traveling from door to door
Trying to fight this war
Trying to make things work

Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
Happiness is a drug I can’t afford
And I’m a salesman traveling from door to door
Trying to fight this war
Trying to make things work
Play the keys
Track Name: Dingy
You can call me Victor
Cuz you know I’m always winning
Always grinning
Toke a bowl of kief
And then I’m always spinning
Round and round in circles
Now everything is purple
Like Barney and the People Eater
Went to smoke the herbal

Oh shit, I am really high, bruh
Keep it real or die, bruh
I got that Queen City shit,
So I’m at least a nine, bruh
High up in the clouds
Smoking on that very loud
With my own mother
Cuz she loves me and she’s very proud

Of her little rapping white boy that’s in art school
Intelligent, but stupid high, so they call me a smart fool
Breaking all the hearts, too
The girlies wanna pick me
But it’s too damn hazy
Cuz I’m lighting up the sticky

So, flick your bic
And cop your favorite whip
Cuz we rolling out of here
And we rolling up quick
I said, flick your bic
And cop your favorite whip
Cuz we rolling out of here
And we rolling up quick

What could be better than a couple bong rips
Chilling with Team Lift and a favorite songs list?
I belong with this
And there ain’t no denying
You call me up to chill
Soon enough we will be flying

Flying to the store
Cuz we’re all hungry as shit
Eyes blood shot
Like when we shot up that kid
What? No. I’m just toasted.
Staring out into nothing
Standing in the snack aisle
I better choose something

Aight, everybody, I got what I need
Snacks, Arizona, and a vial full of weed
Let’s head out to a spot
Tell me where and when
So we can smoke this pot
And do it all over again

So, flick your bic
And cop your favorite whip
Cuz we rolling out of here
And we rolling up quick
I said, flick your bic
And cop your favorite whip
Cuz we rolling out of here
And we rolling up quick
Track Name: ACAD
Turner House room 306
Caught up in a game of pick up sticks
On a luxury yacht on the river Styx
That’s headed downtown to the nearest Blick’s

Catch a couple flicks
Trustee’s Theater
Chilling with this bitch
But I swear I’m not seeing her
Wanna buy this town
Call me a realtor
Wanna buy this girl
But I’m broke so I’m stealing her

Take a walk down Broughton
Midnight Mile
Leopold’s is popping
I could stay here for a while
You must behold my profit
It gets up like bulimia
Livin life large
In the light of academia

Got a little headache
But I’ll get through it
Fucking art project
Guess I gotta glue it
Is this real life?
I’m gonna fall asleep
This 8 am class
Is really getting to me

Me, myself, and I
And a fucking Macbook
Giving everything around me
A second look
Call me captain hook
I’m in Neverland
Nevermind, shut up
That’s so stupid Dan

I’ve got this funny feeling
That I’m really not that happy
I guess it’s just a phase
Just a daze covered in acne
I’m so stressed, I don’t fit in a school
Completely filled with outcasts
But am I really in the wrong place?
No, I highly doubt that

Shit, I’ve been convinced
These aren’t my real friends
I’m trying to reach out
But to no apparent end
I miss you all back at home
I hope you’re all just doing fine
But please don’t worry about me
I’ll be there, just give it time

Just give it time, Danzig
Just give it time
You’ve got to prove to the world
That you’re wiling to cross the line
Keep your mind on that track
This train runs on frustration
Trust me on this one
You have not been left at the station
Track Name: Later
I like to write in pen because
My thoughts are permanent
But all I care about is saying
What I really meant
And there’s no telling where the God
In my life really went
An absent mind, an absent deity
So I guess I best repent

Heaven-sent, perhaps that’s me
But I would have to disagree
I’m living free, it’s plain to see
While earning this college degree
But there is something loose up there
My mind has lost some potency
The ghost in me is telling Danzig
How he should really be

Silly me, to think that I could fit
Somewhere from A to Z
In between my heart and my mind
Is a mouth that speaks for me
It shouts and screams, and that’s the way
My mind wants it to be for me
And funny enough,
My heart seems to agree

Make love to a couple words
And call it fucking poetry
Put it to a melancholy beat
And preach “woe is me”
Keep it to myself until
I find some audacity
And show it to my closest friends
In hope that they don’t laugh me

Will you fucking listen?

Sit down, shut the fuck up
And look me in the eye
From time to time
This world will drain your pride
And make you die inside
You wanna cry?
I’m not surprised
The giant man up in the sky
Has failed you for the last
Fucking time, there is not alibi

I’m fucking up your residence
Pocket full of presidents
Stressing all my arrogance
Done with being hesitant
I’m the fucking evidence
Listen to my resonance
And hear a little common sense

I present to you ladies and gents
Some punk ass kids
Stuck up on the fence
And they can’t decide
Between intelligence
Or some wasted time
That they can get for less

But I’ll try my best
To contain myself
And minimize strain
On my mental health
Was that pain or pleasure
That I fucking felt?
It’s a bumpy ride
So loosen up your safety belt

Fuck that
At least I know my right
From left
Because I wasn’t raised
By some idiotic parents
Who would keep me locked up
In some room to ache
Just because I made
One fucking mistake

Cuz I’m a God damned human
With sleepless nights
Gotta keep it tight
When I take the flight
Terrible frights
In my line of sight
But my guiding light
Is far from white

Scared of heights
But I have to leap
Cuz nobody remains
Except for me
Cuz nobody can fucking
Comprehend what I see
So please understand
When I shout this plea

That I’m not just another fucking
White kid trying to be something that he’s not
I haven’t got time for that, you see
I’m too busy
Connecting lines to my dots
It’s all I’ve got