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Damn bruh, your confidence, it needs a booster seat
I'm the king of the roost with my rooster beak
Truthfully, I'm dealing with the scrutiny so beautifully
You're losing me, trapped in the cocoon so they boothing me

Never ever booing me, cuz homie I'm a shoe-in
They say, "DZ what you doing?" I say really, I'm just cruising
I'm winning and they losing, it's simple as that, dawg
Look at me, I'm a mega man like Capcom

Pause when I pose because I'm a ghost
I'm floating through the air like it's my marijuana smoke
I wearing shit from D.A.R.E., it's like I didn't wanna toke
And I'm tearing derrière up, wet like perrier yup

Said she wanna catch up so I fill her in
Wanna feel the whole nine yard, maybe ten
Then again, why I'm always aiming to offend?
Like them red dot sights that hit so precise

I leave you speechless like it's Charlie Chaplin
When you grab the mic the crowd is hardly clapping
____ your girl the clap then ask her why she yapping
Max attack raps like ratatat tat

I'm back matter of fact
I wack, and that's that
I'm slapping caps and stabbing
Tobacco trapped in the wraps

And I'm acting out, maxing out
Dammit, get these ratchets out
Why they so attracted?
Cuz I'm rapping and they gasping

Look at what they asking now
Shit, that's fucking out of bounds

I'm the fucking robber, give me all the loot
And the marijuana, bitch, I want that too
We them lifted muthafuckas, better let us through
Gold on the roof, we got gold on the roof

I'm cooking in my kitchen, you out there wishing
You could get inside the club while you watch me winning
Bish I'm balling in the paint and you ain't
So you better get your petty stacks away, what I say?


from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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