Crooked (ft. jay & Professor T)

from by DZDXY



Tell me what you see when you look at me
Staring at me with them eyes so crookedly
And I know I ain't no Superman or Hercules
But i'm working on it, I'm rehearsing on it

Draw the curtains on it, time to set the stage
On to the next chapter, go ahead and flip the page
Go ahead and tell me expectations that were never made
I can take it

I'm blowing tree just to keep me in my right mind
Cuz my other left so I cannot find my elations
Originated from brothers descended from different mothers
Beaming wisdom through their bright eyes

And I'm always finding time to recite lines
These stupid kids finding time for their white lines
And their white lie, saying that they might die
So they living it up until the sun rise

Just another day in the life
Another chance to get it right, so go ahead and roll the dice
And I ain't 'bout that worry or strife
I got a present in my sight tonight, so goodnight

Everywhere I go I'm bringing trouble with me
Everybody gonna know I run this fucking city
Nobody's fucking with me or they be ducking quickly
I'll keep you posted every time I bring the ruckus with me (x2)

I think it's fucking strange looking at the world today
We know the money is evil but we keep getting paid
Watch the rich get richer while the poor die quicker
Fat people, they keep on eating, model bodies get thinner

So I'm conforming from normal cuz what I do is futuristic
Spitting these hieroglyphics, you've seen the scriptures I've written
All I see is mass confusion, we living inside illusions
Delusional humans finding lies instead of the truest

Consumed by the news always spooking its viewers
They amused and distracted by famous peoples actions
Materialistic bitches fall in the void of plastics
Power hungry mens stabbing backs for a fucking Benz

Fake ass bitches talking shit about they fucking friends
What the fuck, why? I ask myself all the time
Feels like I'm looking for the light in the darkest part of the night


(Professor T)
Maybe life's crazy boiled down to its essence
Kings with rings but can't afford to feed the peasants
Presents never really meant that much but
Probably because my parents never really spent that much

But lunch was always there so I ain't going no where
You only think your life sucks cuz all you do is compare
But I stare, yes I dare, chest filled with air
Head high, but I know I wasn't built to care

I avoid despair so spare the speech
I'm a professor so it really isn't normal that I preach
But bleach blond girls all over the beach
Are the reason why this dream stays within my reach

Crazy as CEOs who blow eight lines
Married to the truth, I rip the roots for the grapevine
So I shut up, cruising to the bass line
I finish in your face then I call that shit some FaceTime

Tell me, do you know how it feels to be left in the dark?
When you finish every sentence with a question mark?
And all these bitches bark 'round the clock non stop
Equipped with a cock in they mouth, a little rock in they snout

Like, what you talking about tossing my tassel?
This ripe red-eyed rapping rascal
King sniping from his castle
'Bout to stuff you in a satchel

The False Prophet homie, make some profit homie
What I'm buying off it homie. swear I'm tryna cough it homie
Shit I do, I'm strung out, invite a bitch
And tell her "get the fuck out," she bugging out

And we running out of time, the sun is headed south
Cuz at the end of the day a barrel's in your mouth
And you be shouting out, screaming for a savior
Watch your behavior, the pressure gonna break you down

Tell me what you gonna do now
Everybody's peacing out, they left you hanging around



from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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