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5:00, driving down the interstate at 65
77 never looked so damn alive
Some asphalt and direction is the message that I get
It always leads me home and all I have to do is sit

And of course I turn the wheel from time to time
Carefully cruising the curves, carefully choosing my words
It always felt like the right thing to do
'til I look outside my window, see that light shining through

I'm not sure what it is but when the sun sets
My mind it wanders in circles
Maybe it's from all the herbals
Or possibly it's something else entirely
Something that entices me
Something that's inviting me

You're trying to see the world in a new light?
I'm trying to drown the world in this moonlight
So grab your candlesticks if you think you can handle it
Wink wink, I'm dimming, if we sink, I'm swimming

If she think I'm winning then I'm calling it a day
I see and hear a lot of evil but I'm speaking Chardonnay
I'm a lover and a brother to many you'll safely say
But you'd be very wise to move if you step in my fucking way

Hey, you, over there with the face and the attitude
I suggest you go and find another latitude
You fucking up the night and now the whole town's mad at you
Because all you wanted to do was speak up

After four fucking years of just keeping to yourself
Trying to be something else, keep your feelings on the shelf
Damn, I ain't about that life anymore
Dan, that's my name but it ain't right anymore

I ain't wifing a whore, shit, I want to marry happily
Hopefully without a crazy spouse that's attacking me
But I know I shouldn't think so far ahead
Cuz when the light dims down we'll be waking up dead

9:00, my clock's telling me it's time to scoot
Back to the back of the parking lot with green loot
Maybe all this blue dream smoking give me bluetooth
Sipping on a Yoohoo but they can see right through you

Like, "look at that view, doo," screwing with your entourage
I'm cursing them with voodoo, emerging like a butterfly that
Raps in the Cocoon, too. Fuck all the smokers on the bridge
That gave me weird looks, now I'm writing weird hooks

Now they bowing down, look who's frowning now
They wouldn't quit clowning around, now I'm wearing crowns
Like the KOT, these Cheats bringing me down
I need some fucking positivity, I'm fucking for virginity

Cuz we all know there's nothing like the first time
Thirsty got me pussy like it wasn't just my first try
Dirty little minds purchasing some future blunts for
Thirty little dimes, we do it all the time

I'm not worthless, shit, I'm worth a million words
Call that picture perfect or call that shit absurd
I'm looking through your purses but I'll leave that shit untouched
Cuz your money I deserve it, one day you will give it up

One day I will live it up, raise me from the dead
Pull me from the clutches of the Earth by my head
Shower me with lead, bullets hit the ground with
Velocity of jets, now the Devil's making bets

I'm a sap for summer love even though I've never had it
FIt like a rubber glove cuz you're my all time favorite habit
God dammit, I'm drowning in your essence
Stupid adolescence, always second guessing myself

And taking one step back, two steps forward
And a three-step dance, four lame girls
No, five bougie bitches, six figure income
Gets seven fucking digits
Eight phone call misses?


from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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