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Who needs friends with thoughts like these?
Herbal remedies put my mind at ease
Bring me to my knees, I'm begging you pleas
Bring me to my knees, I'm begging you (x2)

Smoking alone in my bathroom has got me feeling mental
And this girl back at home got me all sentimental
Everybody asking, "where the hell has DZ went to?"
Did he disappear? Because we miss him here

She whispered in my ear through the other telephone
That everything will be fine if I just let it go
Then it hit me like, woah, what do you know?
Mary Jane my only friend and everybody else a foe

I think I'm losing all control like my controller's dying batteries
Charge me up, charge me up, brother, don't get mad at me
Cuz I wouldn't really call it satisfactory
Running back and forth to my Mazda with a bag of weed

In my pocket, at least I ain't obnoxious
Like the kids sitting on the smoker's bridge when I'm walking
And they be talking, straight staring me down
Like "who's this dizzy muthafucka wearing a frown?"


I don't fit in this school filled with outcasts
That's a life that brought me down, I ain't about that
Internal fights, I'm throwing punches in the ring
Like I'm walking in a circle desperate flapping of my wings

I'm an ugly duckling sucker punching at the ding
Lonely motherfucker shutting up and gulping Sunny D
What the fuck's in front of me? My future could be glorified
Or maybe I'll be horrified, horoscope demoralized

Wanna scream out "you're alive!" like Frankenstein's Monster
Like that body an impostor and that casket is no longer
You could've been a father, you fell and no one caught you
We still thinking 'bout you yelling "fuck holy water"

But honestly, I can feel your energy
Think about you every time when I'm in jeopardy
Cuz you a lot more than just a memory
You my brother, a story of the century

Sleep comes after death, my brother, cuz my work is never done
Reaching for a hand to hold, I'm stretching towards the setting sun
Slithering through Syracuse, you bickering at nothing
I'm picking up the pieces while you bitching and you cussing

You yelling out like you have a right to fucking contemplate
A last resort, damn your life's so hard and you can't concentrate
Think you know what pain is cuz your daddy and your mama split?
Think you know what brain is cuz your girlfriend didn't wanna spit?

Burn my marijuana shit, I'll keep it slow and steady
You'll try to bring me down but I be hopped up on them headies
You drinking every night and now you suffering the consequence
Never got invited, that shit sitting on my consciousness

I thought you were a friendly, now you just a nuisance
Walled up in this room with me, my labor here is fruitless
My cool, I ain't gonna lose it, I'm cruising to me music
I'm leaving you to rot away in a school, I didn't choose it


from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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