Sputterfly (ft. Professor T)

from by DZDXY



(Professor T)
Oh, so Professor T is back, not only feature
This the congregation station, know me, I'm the preacher
Sit out in the bleachers, the power from your speakers
Disappears like government whistle blowing leakers

Without reason, treason, it's a felony
Only evidence, his defense, was he smelling me
Quickly after jailing me, this is what you're telling me?
I am not the criminal, my government is selling me

If we keeping score, they fouling
I'm colder than the shoulder from Garnett to Ray Allen
Stay piling up cash cuz the stash makes smiling
Easy on the back of a boat, I'm Lake Wyling

Beat you like the way you wore swag out
Still talking trash? I guess it's time to take the bag out
Listen to this fag pout, spewing like a bad spout
Gave up on his dreams, always knew that I was passed out

It's a raging bull and a matador
Tammy and Tina are growing up like the Matterhorn
And the latter whore never even mattered
Not until she got splattered by the batter up back before

But that's just him doing what he do
Young stunna coming through
Keep it 122, and the thunder coming too
Like boom little bitch, I don't thik I was ever talking to you little bitch

Let you sink in the muthafucking lagoon little bitch
Too soon, you're blowing on my wood like a bassoon
And I always appreciated you playing me a tune
Just waiting for the day that I pop like a balloon

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
You better believe you'll get cut
You can rest assured knowing that there ain't no fucking cure
The sickness is spreading around for sure, what I heard

(Professor T)
What up what up, round two, found you
Bound to the sound you exclaimed that you made, true
Yes, me and my friends are quite articulate
Never drop the mic til we know that our dick is wet

Sick as vets filled with bitches
The stitches cover the spot where your balls should've been in your britches
Wicked as wands and witches
Sell off your soul, your only goal for this world and riches

Just to find it wasn't what you thought it was
That's because the happiness you have, you only bought it cuz
New girl, fuck the one you had last week
Doper than the dime sack you found in your back seat

Lyrics lapping losers like a track meet
But somebody get this white boy off this black beat
No, I don't fit the status quo
So throw your verbs and your slurs right at us bro, go

Welcome to the land of music scene fossils
Where paper mill is sitting on your nostrils
Where the children pop pills for top thrills, walking down the block
Talking shit like they can't shut it off, cough cough

Bang bang, when I say that's how I'm tryna go out
Cuz a whimper ain't that life that I'm about, no doubt
We get twisted and shout, ya'll get bitch-slapped around
Just a matter of time til you hear that sweet sound

Of the siren so loud, yeah it's coming to your area
Killing you inside like malaria, so you better move
Cuz there ain't no precious time to lose
And while you're at it grab the muthafucking juice or the muthafucking booze

Baby girl, it's whatever you wanna call it
But tonight I think I'll be an alcoholic
The gin and the tonic, you can blame it on it
Or maybe it's the chronic that keeps me forgetting phonics ironic

(Professor T)
Now don't you go no where, don't switch the channels
I change it up like middle school fags change flannels
So break it down like diet cola eats at your enamel
Words spitting teeth gritting teen smoking camels, he's an animal

Hell-bent on prying the cages
I don't give a shit what you think the rage is
From novels to sages I fly off the pages
Stay doing work, we don't know what the wage is

Yeah, we don't know what the wage is
Trimming off my pubes cuz your bitch got braces
I'm tying my laces, running round in circles
Then I trip on pavements, ain't that some lame shit?

Different day, same shit, cruising Formentera with a scooter and some dank shit
Smuggle through the airport then I smoke it on the plane bitch
Mile high club, call it fucking up
With a bottle and my main bitch


from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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