Stretch Reflect (ft. CBen)

from by DZDXY



When we hit that bowl, it's a game of risk
Other crews outdated like a floppy disk
Team Lift is ahead, so you better stay close
They want to be like us so they strike that pose

They want our clothes, girls want to be my hoes
If you get too close, break your goddamned nose
If you try to oppose my friends, you a foe
Your time is up and you're starting to decompose

Engrossed you are in Team Lift's shit
Everyone is wanting to be a part of it
We're going off the lines, we throw away the script
We will not apologize for what we transmit

I feel as if I'm kinda going trippy
I took too much hits in this fucking Queen City
Bitch I fuck so pretty, I slap around her titties
She's rubbing up on me like a couple ouse kitties

Team Lift attacks this town like Attila the Hun
We will not make a fucking sound, but we'll block out the sun
The escape from the holes you've been keeping us in
Kick the man in the face, break his goddamned chin

We;re kicking in his teeth, pissing in sheets
She's begging me please, kissing on my meat
Muthafucka take a seat, Team Lift is here
We'll knock you off your feet so you better stay clear

You got the moral intelligence of a vacuum cleaning up the back room
Cracking whips and cannabis, we kicking it like rack room
Passing spliffs and cancer sticks, that's the piff that had me lift
We ashing it and laughing it up

We coming through your town cuz we ain't had enough
Rolling down the window, proceeding to take a puff
Eat chilean bass on a boat wit uzis under my coat
Excuse me when I'm afloat

I'm feeling creepy cuz I'm smoking on the creeper shit
Light it up, blow it out, take a reefer hit
Don't let the people see this shit, spit this and you agree with it
Like common sense, so make a damn decision, why you on the fence?

Chronic in your chest, karma's waiting 'round the corner for ya
Might be a loner but I ain't Corbin Corona
I got something to show ya, clicking remote controller
Roller coaster in October putting DZ in coma

I'm burning down carcinogens, wait, a stick of cinnamon
DIgging up the riches, counting digits, it's offending 'em
Benjamins, we spending 'em, bitches, we be bending 'em
Never-ending synonyms, you listening to ten of 'em

Swinging like a pendulum, referendum telling 'em
Referee referring to the vote that you were sending him
Mask I know you mending 'em, I call that shit two-faced
Catch me popping molly while I'm sucking on some toothpaste


from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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