Trouble (ft. jay)

from by DZDXY



Wake up in the morning and I thank the day
Think I'll smoke some dank today, then I'll make my way down to the bank today
Dr. W's got an order for a quarter
Yeah, he's filling my prescription at the risk of conviction

But I'm not one for superstition, I'm a sucker for coincidence
Suffering succotash suffocating on ignorance
Defecating belligerence, an ape in his jungle
Listening to Lil' Boosie and Madonna on shuffle

And my Middle name is "Trouble" call me DTD
Those my initials if you catch me blowing THC
And the police hate me, I'm never fucking with the bacon
But for somebody that gives a shit, they've got me mistaking

All this shit I'm undertaking got my conscious working 'round the clock
Bound to pop, you found a glock, it's jamming when you pound a cop
Honestly officer, I'm just puffing on a ciggy, sipping sizzy
Living silly, you'll just have to come a kill me

I went to school high and walked to second period
Pissed a little puddle in my pants, ain't nothing serious
I'm too delirious, doped out for days
I'm in a daze, all my brain cells dying out like the plague

We will never be the same, oh how the tables have turned
Fuck your turntable, leaving all your records to burn
Meeting fucking adjourned, class dismissed, go to Carowinds
And while the little kiddies playing, I'mma shoot some heroin

Claiming you a pharaoh when you starting to hallucinate
Demin god fucking thick titties, make the them boobies ache
Pussy I excruciate, stinging like a toothy ache
Shit so sore she scheduled for the dentist on a Tuesyday

I grind harder than a middle school dance off
Hosted by a pro skater riding with his pants off
You fancy this? We ain't sitting, it's a stand off
Got a dick that's big enough to get all of Gdansk off

Trouble on my mind, got me writing down my thoughts
Always pondering about a god and UFOs I saw
Shit is on my mind all the fucking time, Galactographs, drugs in my spine
Happiness is what I find so I find a dime and light a bone

So stoned, reaching heights that you motherfuckers have never known
Chucktown swag, now you know, got a flow so cold shit got you froze
Living up in the clouds while you down in society
Drowning in the system, get so mad but it's hard to breathe

Running up a summit just to jump up off the fucking peak
Thinking all these crazy dreams will turn into reality
Casually been through hell, went to jail for a friend
Said that he would pay it back, never seen a fucking cent

Fuck the balance of existence, persistence to outer limits
This shit I spit is so different, just listen in for a minute
At least until I am finished, fuck religion I'm ditching the system
My tongue is my gun, I've been itching to pull on the trigger

Creative nature like Edison, marijuana intelligence
All you Dumbo's are elephants while I'm flyer than pelicans
Urban verses so venomous, but my venom is medicine
Medicating these sentences, laceless print with my excellence

Evidence of my penmanship,
Still a kid but I been the shit, young as fuck but a gentleman,
Told I'm wise with advice like I live this life twice,
I keep on fucking up this mic, but you know the kid is nice

Got a hyperactive telepathic brain inside my head
So productive but destructive, hope the structure doesn't bend
Damn my thoughts are getting heavy, situations keep on feeling deadly
Dealing with these people, are they good or are they evil?

Saying "fuck it" as I roll on up, stunting like an evil son
Puff a blunt that's full of luck, that clover bitch I never trust
I just bust out this nut, so you know I'm out of fucks
Watch me uppercut a motherfucking duck

This is only the beginning, fuck an aftermath
Juvenile delinquents is what I'm laughing at
Slyer than an alley cat, flying in a 747
That's the closest I will ever get to heaven

I'm the ghost in your head when you close your eyes
AIn't no denying it, ain't no disguising it
Perpetrating purgatory, permanently hurting
Like a servant to a god that was never even worth it


from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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