Flipside (ft. Sun Valley)

from by DZDXY



But I'll catch you on the flip side
Rolling through your city when we roaring like a riptide
And we just going for a quick ride
Zipping down the alley with my music and a fatty (x2)

I've been convicted for crimes against this business
I'm failing mom and litmus, and you sir are a witness
Come and cater to my sickness, I spit this for the lifted ones
Ya'll bitches all be itching for a lick from me, the gifted one

I figured by this time I'd end up dead or in prison
I'm alive and I'm living, surrounded by many women
Don't give a shit if I'm forgiven, the false prophet is on the rise
Your sun just started setting, better run before I blind your eyes

(Sun Valley)
DZ's been convicted but he still be pushing bitches
Listen up you little fucks, you swimming with the fishes
Wipe me down like dishes, I went to school high as fuck
I'm fly as fuck like a duck and I still be lighting up

Bitches put your lighters up I'm driving down the interstate
Eat you out for lunch like you be tied up on my dinner plate
It's Sun and mister DZ, our flow is still breezy
We making it look easy, we rolling up a bleezy


(Sun Valley)
Aye, it's time to fucking party party
At your local fucking Hardee's Hardee's, and we looking extra farty
With our little fanny packs, wish I had some nannies, tho
Wish I had some money tho, still need them honies tho

Running through the night cuz I'm feeling extra bright
Gonna kill a dear in my headlights
Gonna take you down to the lake all night
Then make sure you're treated all right

That's how I feel
You need to be on Dr. Phil
Or just take a ch-ch-chill pill
I'll push you down a fucking hill

Let's take this party to the local penitentiary
And bust up any muthafucka dumb enough to mention me
It's awful hard to understand the words that's coming out
Cuz you trying to talk shit when there's a dick in your mouth

Might as well be piss in your mouth
What the fuck you bitching about?
I'll beat ya with a Brita filter
After rinsing it out

I claim to have a greater mind
Because I took the time to grow it
But I'm really so neglectful
That I didn't even know it



from Keep It Copacetic, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DZDXY Charlotte, North Carolina

...pronounced "Dizzy Dexy."

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